3 of the most popular gardening questions 
Here are the top 3 most asked questions by homeowners about their outdoor spaces. Think you can answer them?
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Before you plant, there are a few things you need to know
Thinking about growing food this year? There are more new homeowners than ever and the need to save money has never been so important. Growing your own produce is a great way to stay busy and to save a little for a rainy day!
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Good to the last drop

I was recently asked at a speaking event why I’ve been so vocal about not liking grass in the yard. The reason I’m not a fan of grass is not the plant, but the homeowners that care for it. Grass requires more time, money and resources than anything else we can have in our outdoor spaces. E...

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Organic Weed Barrier Solution!
Ready to get rid of the weeds in your garden? How about if I told you they would be gone for 3 years? Here are my easy steps to do just that
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The Outdoor Room
Spend the summer in your own outdoor sanctum! Here is how to make it work in your space
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