Usable Space part 2 "Patio"
Patio renovations are a SMART investment...if you know where to spend the money.
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Useable Space part 1: Wood! 

Useable space in the backyard is always top priority in every one of my designs. This may offend a few of the gardeners out there, but if you don’t have a spot to sit outside with family and friends and enjoy the roses, then those blooms are a wasted opportunity!

When it comes to creating useable sp...

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“The appetizer course” 

The question of the day is how much does landscaping really impact the value of your home? When it comes to the outdoors, spending money on renovations has never been so important or so confusing with sellers getting large dollars for neglected or uninspired homes.

To make it simple, think about your...

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Take It Outside with Carson Arthur

As this is my inaugural blog, I think the best way for us to start our relationship is with a little honesty.


While I love plants and specifically moved to a farm to have more space for the gardens, I’m a landscape designer by trade.  Landscaping is more than just the plants; it includes a...

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